Marshal's Office

Veronica Antonoff, Marshal
Maria E. Mihaic, Chief Deputy Marshal

Marshal of the Court

Ms. Antonoff was appointed by the Court to serve as the Court’s sixth Marshal in December 2012.

Notice to Attorneys About Visiting Court Staff After Arguing a Case

Notice to attorneys about visiting court staff after arguing a case.

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities within the Third District Court of Appeal.

History of the Court

In 1957, the Florida Legislature created three district courts of appeal to assume a portion of the appellate jurisdiction of the state court system. The Third District Court of Appeal, located in Miami, was given a territorial jurisdiction which encompasses Dade and Monroe Counties.

Special Events

News and special event information.

ADA Guidelines

The Third District Court of Appeal is committed to full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Courthouse Visits

Information about courthouse visits.