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STREET ADDRESS:  2001 S.W. 117th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33175-1716  

TELEPHONE:  305-229-3200

ON-LINE DOCKET available at

Effective immediately, counsel are required report to the Court any similar or related cases by filing a NOTICE OF SIMILAR OR RELATED CASE.  See AO3D13-06 Re:  Notice of Similar or Related Case.  AO3D13-6.pdfPDF Download

All documents filed with the Court must be submitted via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal, unless a paper filing is authorized.  A filer may use the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal for service on opposing counsel when a filing is submitted.  An account is required for filing and can be created at:

The Court electronically serves its orders, decisions, and other documents via eDCA. eDCA also provides access to the electronic docket for attorneys of record and parties to a case.  Attorneys with cases in the Third DCA are required to register with eDCA. Pro se parties are permitted, but not required, to register.  See AO3D13-03, Administrative Order Re:  E-Mail Service of Court Documents and E-Filing by Registered Users of eDCA.  AO3D13-3.pdfPDF Download

eDCA User ManualeDCA User ManualPDF Download.

To access specific areas of the clerk’s office, dial the following extensions:

Front Desk & Docketing

Ext. 3248

New Cases/Fees

Ext. 3253 & 3255


Ext. 3254


Ext. 3266

Scheduling Oral Argument

Ext. 3258


Ext. 3256

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing a special accommodation to participate in proceedings at the Third District Court of Appeal should notify the Marshal, Veronica Antonoff (305)229-3200 or 1-800-955-8771 (TDD) or 1-800-955-8770 (V) via Florida Relay Services.

In order to assist the Court in orderly consideration and disposition of matters under appellate review, compliance with the following is respectfully requested:

NOTICE OF APPEAL:  Electronically file the original notice of appeal in the lower tribunal. Pay the filing fee, if required, through the E-Filing Portal, or immediately forward to this Court the $300.00 filing fee payable to: Clerk, Third District Court of Appeal.  There may be an additional fee for the lower tribunal. 

ORIGINAL JURISDICTION PETITIONS:  Electronically file the original petition with this Court through the E-Filing Portal. Pay the filing fee, if required, through the E-Filing Portal, or immediately forward to this Court the $300.00 filing fee payable to: Clerk, Third District Court of Appeal.    

APPENDIX TO PETITIONS AND BRIEFS:  See AO3D13-05, Administrative Oder Re:  Electronic Filing of Appendices. AO3D13-5.pdfPDF Download.

RECORD:  When providing directions for inclusion of exhibits in the record on appeal, do not designate any tangible evidence without prior permission of the Court.  This applies especially to drugs, firearms, explosives, x-rays and heavy or bulky items such as large maps, photographs and graphs. 

NOTICES TO INVOKE DISCRETIONARY REVIEW IN THE SUPREME COURT:  Electronically file the original notice with this Court.  Immediately forward to the Supreme Court the $300.00 filing fee payable to: Clerk, Supreme Court of Florida.

PHOTOCOPIES:  The photocopying fee is $1.00 per page.  We are unable to provide change so exact cash, law firm check or money order is accepted as payment.  Please call ahead to arrange for the court file and/or records to be made available for viewing.


Rev. 6/19                                                     Mercedes M. Prieto, Clerk. Third District Court of Appeal

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