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Judges who have served on the court

The thirty-three judges who have served on the Third District Court of Appeal and their years of service are as follows:
  Judge Years of Service
Charles A. Carroll Charles A. Carroll, deceased 1957-1974
Mallory Horton Mallory Horton, deceased 1957-1965
Tillman Pearson Tillman Pearson, deceased 1957-1980
Thomas H. Barkdull, Jr. Thomas H. Barkdull, Jr., deceased 1961-1996
Norman Hendry Norman Hendry, deceased 1961-1988
Richard H. M. Swann Richard H. M. Swann, deceased 1965-1972
Robert M. Haverfield Robert M. Haverfield, deceased 1972-1980
Raymond G. Nathan Raymond G. Nathan, deceased 1974-1978
Phillip A. Hubbart Phillip A. Hubbart 1977-1996
James W. Kehoe James W. Kehoe, deceased 1977-1979
Alan R. Schwartz Alan R. Schwartz 1978-2004
Joseph Nesbitt Joseph Nesbitt, deceased 1979-1999
Natalie Baskin Natalie Baskin, deceased 1980-1996
Daniel S. Pearson Daniel S. Pearson, deceased 1980-1989
Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr., deceased 1980-1993
James R. Jorgenson James R. Jorgenson, deceased 1981-2003
Gerald B. Cope Jr. Gerald B. Cope, Jr. 1988-2010
David L. Levy David L. Levy 1989-2006
David M. Gersten David M. Gersten 1989-2011
Mario P. Goderich Mario P. Goderich 1990-2005
Melvia B. Green Melvia B. Green 1994-2008
John G. Fletcher John G. Fletcher, deceased 1996-2007
Robert L. Shevin Robert L. Shevin, deceased 1996-2005
Rodolfo Sorondo, Jr. Rodolfo Sorondo, Jr. 1997-2002
Juan Ramirez, Jr. Juan Ramirez, Jr. 2000-2012
Linda Ann Wells Linda Ann Wells 2003-2017
Frank A. Shepherd Frank A. Shepherd 2003-2017
Richard J. Suarez Richard J. Suarez 2005
Angel A. Cortiñas Angel A. Cortiņas 2005-2013
Leslie B. Rothenberg Leslie B. Rothenberg 2005
Barbara Lagoa Barbara Lagoa 2006
Vance E. Salter Vance E. Salter 2007
Kevin Emas Kevin Emas 2010
Ivan F. Fernandez Ivan F. Fernandez 2011
Judge Thomas Logue Thomas Logue 2012
Judge Edwin A. Scales, III Edwin A. Scales, III 2013
Judge Robert J. Luck Robert J. Luck 2017
Judge Norma S. Lindsey Norma S. Lindsey 2017